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Engineering Manager, Bookings Squad

Engineering - Paris - Full-time

We believe in a world where all cars are shared. Carsharing empowers people to get going in a smarter, easier way, while also having a positive impact on the environment and making cities more liveable. It’s this vision that propels us forward and inspires us to think even bigger.

Getaround is the world's leading carsharing platform with a community of more than 5 million users sharing thousands of car in more than 300 cities in the U.S and Europe.

Our team is collaborative, positive, curious, and engaged. We think fast, work smart, laugh often, and are looking for like-minded people to join us in our mission to disrupt car ownership and make cities better.

Your mission

The product & engineering team is getting close to 50 people in Europe, but we have a lot of positions open and we will grow a lot more this year. This is why, to be able to scale the team in good conditions, we are recruiting an engineering manager. We are looking for someone who enjoys leading a team of bright people, give them everything they need to succeed and make sure everything is moving forward.

What you'll work on

To scale effectively, we organised ourselves in squads with people coming from various departments like engineering, data, design and product. The bookings squad is a team of 10 people with the mission to drive more bookings and repeat intention to the platform, both on mobile and web. They work with anything related to growth and order flow, meaning that their work is often the first thing our users will see: the homepage, the search engine, the payment form, the signup flow, the vetting process... all of this is driven by the bookings squad!

In this context you would manage the squad's full-stack engineers (currently two people - but we want to hire more), and contribute to the roadmap, meaning:

• Keeping your team happy & effective by identifying and removing any roadblocks
• Work closely with product managers to define the roadmap
• Contribute yourself to the progress of the squad: you would be close to the code, helping when needed
• Support your team and help them achieve their career goals
• Be actively involved in hiring and onboarding new engineers in your squad
• Provide mentorship, code reviews and coaching when needed
• Conduct one on ones, yearly reviews...
• Be involved in more global technical decisions at Getaround

What you'll bring to the table

Overall you'll need to care a lot about agility and efficiency: building the right thing, the best way possible given the various constraints that can appear during the lifetime of a project. Of course this also means working in a sustainable way, making quality long term technical decisions and keeping the team happy and productive. To get into more details, we are looking for these skills:

• Already managed an agile engineering team
• Shipped and maintained code in production
• Strong technical skills, ideally some Ruby and Javascript experience
• Excellent communication skills
• Pragmatic and well organised
• Able to communicate in English

Our Tech Stack

• Ruby on Rails 5.2 with Ruby 2.6
• TypeScript, React/Preact with Webpack
• Continuous integration with Docker and CircleCI to push to production multiple times a day
MySQL, Redis, Snowflake
• A strong internal design system
Monitoring dashboards built with Telegraf + Influxdb + Grafana

What we offer:

• A solid engineering team with a lot of experience
• The peace of mind of a large test suite and pull requests to stay sane and ship often
• Getting to learn from your peers and to share your knowledge on the blog and in our internal presentations every two weeks
• A ticket to one technical conference of your choice each year
• Open source projects are being extracted from the codebase when appropriate
• We'll buy any non fiction books you want to read, and you'll get access to our growing library
• Offices in Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Barcelona, New York...
• We often organise meetups in our office
• Tickets restaurants, a good health insurance
• "Hack days" to experiment with new technologies and ideas as well as other team events

No need for a resume, but Linkedin, Twitter and Github usernames are appreciated!

Don't hesitate to give our backend challenge a try.